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We believe funeral pre-planning is a parting gift to your loved ones. There is nothing more certain in life than death, but we don’t know when it will occur. Being prepared takes away an enormous burden from those who will have the responsibility of organising the funeral.

During the grieving stages, it is very difficult for loved ones to focus on the task of planning a funeral. However, this is a time where questions will be asked and decisions need to be made in order to ensure the funeral is conducted in that special way.

Choosing to pre-plan your funeral allows you to record your wishes. You get to make the decisions ahead of time which means your loved ones are free from some of the stresses that may otherwise come once you pass away.

What is a Pre-Arranged Funeral?

Quite simply, a pre-arranged funeral entails completing the downloadable personal record form below and emailing it back to us. There is no payment required. There are situations where this is a good way to proceed, such as if you already have funeral insurance, if you have money saved up in a high interest bank account or if you are wanting to make things easier for your family at a time they need it most.

This document should then be kept in a place known to at least two members of your family or friends. This is not a legal document but has been designed to assist your family when needed. The information provided will be helpful to you, your family and Solace Family Funerals to complete relevant documentation for the funeral, clarify your wishes regarding funeral preferences and inform us how you would like to be remembered.

What is a Pre-Paid Funeral?

Pre-Paid Funerals utilise Funeral bonds which are managed investments that earn interest. The purpose of a Funeral Bond is to set aside funds that will assist in providing for funeral expenses when needed. The funds can only be withdrawn after your death to pay for your funeral.

If the bond is worth more than the cost of your funeral, the excess funds will be returned to your estate. If, on the other hand, there is a shortfall, then your family will have to cover this amount. Funeral bonds can help protect your family as it means they will not have to raise substantial funds at relatively short notice.

We use Sureplan Gold which is a Funeral bond issued by Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd, a specialist mutual funeral insurer that has been providing care for Australian families since 1935. When purchasing a Sureplan Gold policy you also become a member of Sureplan, an unlisted public company limited by guarantee. You can contribute payments either as a lump sum, by regular direct debit payments or ad-hoc deposits, with a minimum contribution amount of only $50.

Unlike other funeral funds, Sureplan guarantee to pay the benefit within 1 day of written confirmation of a persons death. There are no entry or exit fees, no affect on your pension (if applicable) and your policy may even reduce your assessable assets which in turn reduce your accommodation costs in aged care.


Download your FREE personal record form. The PDF allows you to type into the fields, save, and email back to us and your next of kin for when it is needed. Fast and easy with no payment required!

PRE-PAID Funeral

Plan and pre-pay for your funeral today, protect your loved ones and ensure your wishes are carried out. Low payment options available and funds released quickly to your funeral home when needed.

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