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Allambe Memorial Park

Allambe Memorial Park provides two chapels, the Parkview Chapel and the Garden Chapel. The Parkview is the larger of the chapels, and can cater for 130 people, while the Garden Chapel has a seating capacity of 50. Both chapels feature modern architecture and include an audio-visual system, a public address system and a plasma screen. This equipment is designed to provide you with the means to make your commemorative service a special memory that will last long past the day itself. Livestreaming is included with your service at an Allambe Chapel.

Whether you are in need of a direct cremation, cremation with service, Graveside Service or Dual Graveside Service, we can take care of it all at Allambe Memorial Park. Their gardens are a place of natural beauty, maintained by people who are dedicated to ensuring your peace and privacy. Tropical rockeries are a feature of our parkscape, which reflects the natural bush environment of this beautiful part of the Gold Coast hinterland. A sanctuary for families, where reflections can resonate in a tranquil and inviting environment.

129 Nerang Broadbeach Rd, Nerang QLD 4211

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