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Direct Cremations as an affordable option - what is it?

Updated: May 4, 2023

When losing a loved one you are faced with inevitable decisions on how to say goodbye. The traditional methods of a full service burial are beginning to decline in popularity for a number of reasons. One of the obvious reasons over the past couple of years is pandemic related.

Many families and friends have been separated, and restrictions have been placed on attendees. While this saw the rise of live-streaming options, this also saw a trend towards direct cremation.

Direct cremation is where your loved one is cremated without any service or attendance by family or friends. The ashes are returned to loved ones, and from there the options are plentiful, with many people opting to conduct something meaningful themselves, having a send-off however they like.

Of course, budgets will many times factor into the decision, with the obvious reason also becoming that direct cremation is the most affordable option. Most funeral directors on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and surrounds will offer this as an option. Be wary of choosing the lowest price on your internet search.

Most times the funeral home will charge a transfer fee to pick up your loved one and transfer them to the funeral home and crematorium. This amount runs into hundreds of dollars. At Solace Family Funerals we believe in transparent pricing - because the last thing families need is to be making lots of calls and hoping to get the best-priced funeral home. Honesty about the cost of a funeral must be paramount, as this is a time that is already challenging and confusing for many.

Understandably, some people are deterred from direct cremation because ultimately, a funeral assists with the letting go and grieving process and can be an important tool for healing. That one last goodbye where time is spent with their loved one when they may not have had the chance before their passing. The chance to view their loved one if they wish, one last time.

Solace Family Funerals offer a new option as an add on to a direct cremation. There is nothing like the healing power of nature, or the intimacy of a candlelit vigil to say your final goodbye. There is no formal service, no priest or celebrant - just the healing power of loved ones brought together to say their own words, conduct a funeral their way, and create a special memory that will live on as important in their hearts.

We believe in removing the clinical stigma of this last transition and creating environments that honor the departed, as well as making an indelible lasting memory that lives on as special in our hearts. There is nothing like the natural world to help a hurting heart.

A direct cremation does not need to be a last resort for affordability on the Gold Coast and Brisbane surrounds. We are blessed with some of the most amazing outdoor spaces on offer. There are no restrictions on private property for privately held services.

Talk to us about our affordable options. We offer personalised VIP service, pre-planning to ensure your wishes are carried out, and walk with you on this journey of saying goodbye in the most amazing way possible.

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