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What are the Funeral Rules in Gold Coast?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

A funeral procession, in every culture, is a chance for family and friends to come together and share their grieves and feeling with each other.

 Funeral Rule in Gold Coast

However, it is noted that the majority of Australians missed their ethical and legal obligations while planning the funeral in Gold Coast.

So depending on individual preferences and circumstances, the rules of holding funerals in Gold Coast, Australia can be modified a little. Yet there are some general rules and guidelines, one should follow to conduct a funeral in Gold Coast.

How to React After the Loss of a Loved One?

It is an overwhelming situation bringing sorrow and a sense of responsibility side by side. You can handle the planning either on your own or ask a funeral director to take over the process on your behalf. Whatever the situation is there are certain principles you need to follow and make sure your funeral director is also aware of the same, like:

A Death Certificate

You need to get a death certificate from the death, marriage, and birth registry of your state catering to Gold Coast i.e Queensland. You can file your registration online, or you can visit the office in person or your funeral director can take the responsibility to register and get the death certificate.

Deceased Burial or Cremation

There is no set rule, regulation, or law prevailing in Gold Coast and even all over Australia to bury the departed individually on immediate burial or cremation of the body. It usually takes three to five days for planning and documentation.

Family and Friends Should be Notified

It is the most emotional and challenging task to inform other loved ones about the departed soul. But it is an important task to undertake whether do it yourself or ask for someone to assist you. This can be done via, phone call, email, or social media. Then the funeral director is also an option with you for this stressful job.

Secure the Deceased Belongings and Property

The foremost step is to protect the possessions of the departed individual. Whether it is a property both residential or commercial or some pet or animal that needs care and help. Make sure the safety of these belonging to minimize the chances of damage, theft, or confiscation.

Seek Emotional Support

The loss of a loved one is always an emotionally draining and difficult task to cope with. Moral support from family, friends, or a professional therapist works as a stitch in time. It can be helpful to come out of such traumas.

Furthermore, a professional funeral director has all the additional information and practical knowledge of the steps to take throughout the process.

When is the Best Time to Conduct the Funeral?

There isn’t any specifically assigned time limit to hold a funeral. If you are to go somewhere or waiting for someone to attend the send-off of your dear one, you can be postponed it. This extended time can be longer than three to four weeks after the embalming procedure.

Funeral Do’s and Don’t’s

At the time of grief, sorrow, and stress, conducting and attending funerals both become challenging. If it is complex for you to hold a funeral procession on your own the same applies to attending the funeral congregation. There is a chance of mismanagement. Here are some points to consider as funeral protocols and etiquettes that are required to follow in a good manner.


  • Dress up properly and avoid bright colors. Make sure that your dress is clean and ironed in a befitting manner.

  • Try your best to reach on time, as arriving late may disrupt the funeral procession for a while which seems awkward in such emotional situations.

  • Remain calm and assist others to act normal. Although it is a daunting task to remain calm or ask others for the same. But this will be helpful for other family members to avoid any potential mental trauma.

  • Consider the seating arrangements and sit quietly at the place that belongs to you, the front row or the middle of the back row.


  • The general rule of any funeral in Gold Cost is, don't cry or cough loudly. Try to settle down yourself before entering the funeral.

  • Don't use your mobile excessively. Make sure it is used to inform relatives and friends. Using it idly is quite an inappropriate attitude.

  • If some of the points are contradictory to your culture or religion, no need to be expressive or show an uncomfortable approach. Be calm throughout the session.

  • Avoid taking a seat anywhere.

How Can We Assist You?

Solace Family Funerals can help you with all the required steps for conducting and preparing paperwork for you. If you want to stay emotionally calm other than the grief you already facing, feel free to contact us for any kind of assistance from holding a funeral to direct cremation services of the deceased’s body. We also facilitate online preplanning options.

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