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What Happens If You Can't Afford a Funeral in Gold Coast Qld?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The sudden death of your loved one cost you emotionally and arranging a dignified funeral for them cost you financially. Arranging Funeral processions is expensive in Australia.

What Happens If You Can't Afford a Funeral in Gold Coast gld

On average charges for a funeral service are between $5500 to $10,000 which is a significant burden for any deceased family and most of the time it goes beyond the individual's financial capacity.

However, as soon as someone passes away, the foremost thing after death is to make the necessary arrangements for the deceased funeral conduction. And almost one-third of Australian families come under pressure and financial debt that further takes six months to restore the financial gap.

Solace Family Funerals offers the best price funeral services in Gold Coast or Brisbane to overcome these situations.

What to Do When a Funeral in Gold Coast is Out of Your Price Range?

If you are facing a situation of scarcity of funds to pay farewell notes to your loved one, or there is no next to kin of the departed soul, then these are the options you are left with:

Contact the Deceased Bank

Check if the deceased has left any prepaid funeral plan, any funeral bond or funeral insurance. You should get in contact with the bank for the release of any scheme your late loved one has opted for. All you need to do is to identify your relationship with the late individual.

Against it, your bank may ask you to complete and submit some documents like the decedent's death certificate, his last will, or any estimation from the funeral director.

Arrange Some Funding Programmes on your Own

If you are unable to pay the funeral bills:

  • you can arrange some funding programs or ask the decedent's family and friends to donate and contribute to meet the memorial expenses.

  • You can create a special account on social media platforms to meet the target or can prompt the cause through emails.

  • You can arrange programmes under the umbrella of some NGOs already working for the same.

Federal Assistance Under Bereavement Fund

In Australia, citizens can avail themselves the government schemes and different programs which benefit them in bearing their and their loved one’s funeral charges. You can check if the deceased is eligible for Centrelink bereavement payments.

In case of a sudden loss of a loved one, The Department of Human Services administers such matters and offers compensation and financial assistance. However, the bereavement amount one receives is determined by the relationship of the deceased to the applicant.

You can dial 132 300 for Centrelink to get into contact in such an emergency.

State-Based Support For Funeral Expenses

In Australia, the states also offer assistance with funeral charges. In Gold Coast, all you need to check is to what degree the deceased is eligible for funeral assistance on the state level by applying to the Queensland Magistrates Court.

You might be asked to prove your financial inability to get the government monies for funeral aid. If your eligibility approves you might be asked to pay a portion of the total funeral cost which might be 50% of the total.

Seek Veteran Assistance

You might qualify for veteran assistance if you are the surviving spouse, the dependent child or the guardian of the departed individual and your loved one is the ex-serviceperson. You should check the eligibility of Australia’s Department of Veterans Affairs if it can offer any support against funeral costs.

For claiming the bereavement allowance, you should visit the DVA website or call 1800 555 254, and inform them about the death. The compensation amount is equivalent to one-time pay.

Making Use of Life Insurance or Superannuation

You can also check the late person’s insurance and super funds if these can help you out in this critical time of stress. You can ask the bank to release the fund if the deceased has any amount in this head.

How to Lower the Funeral Expenses?

Keep in mind one thing while going through your sad and sentimental journey of arranging a farewell procession for your loved one, you can't correlate the amount spent on a funeral to the love you have for the deceased.

You can make the funeral affordable by applying some unnecessary cuts or avoiding additional financial burdens.

  • Direct cremation or direct burial is also an option for a dignified farewell. As in burial, you need to pay for the burial plot as well.

  • Embalming is optional and unnecessary to do. You can save the amount in this head.

  • You can donate your body for medical research and remember to mention in your last will, it will save you the funeral cost.

  • Ask your funeral director to make it economical for you.


Feel free to contact Solace Family Funerals for any sort of assistance. Whether you want to make your loved one’s funeral affordable or you want to check the compensations you can avail from different departments to meet the expense. We are always available for your emotional and financial support.

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