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Where Can You Be Buried in Brisbane?

Some people want to be buried in their hometowns or birthplace, others preference is any cemetery that is at easy access to where they are living. However, making end-of-life arrangements is important to ensure the legal requirements and meet cultural and religious needs.

Where Can You Be Buried in Brisbane

Knowing where you can be buried in Brisbane is an essential consideration if you are planning ahead for yourself or for your loved one’s burial arrangements.

Below is the list of reasons why you might want to learn the specifics of a Brisbane burial or cremation for a loved one.

Important Points to Know for Burial

There are some important details you should know before the funeral procedures:

  • You are not authorized to bury the deceased individuals elsewhere than in the cemeteries that are assigned for the same purpose. You need to take permission from the secretary of the health department.

  • Private burials are allowed only if there already exist at the site you want to take.

  • For cremated ashes, you need not go for departmental permission to bury them on private property.

Besides these, you should know about the:

Location of the Cremation

After completing the legal compliances, the accessibility matters a lot. Whether you are planning ahead or looking for a burial place for your family member, the easy access will allow others to pay a visit whenever they want. It calmed them.

Factors Related to Culture and Religion

Different religions and cultures observe different burial standards and practices. Checking out the burial-related procedure enables you to know if it is in conformity with your religion and culture.

Availability of Space

There are lots of cemeteries available in Brisbane but all you need to do is research the space's availability. It's up to you whether you do it for yourself or others will do it for you in the nick of time. To check the space you can contact the Brisbane City Council as they manage the majority of cemeteries in Brisbane.


The more research means the more cost-effective funerals plan you can build for yourself and your loved ones in Brisbane. As the location affects the cost of the plot and related charges.

Types of Burial Options

Even if you choose cremation still you have the option to make a final decision for the burial of the remains. Whether you want it done in a grave plot or a place reserved called, ‘Urn Garden’. Below are the options you can consider:

Conventional in-ground Burial

It involves purchasing a burial plot, casket, and funeral services before lying the deceased down on the ground. It is the most common and traditional type of interment, marked by an elaborated tribute.

Above-ground Burial

A safe enclosure, you can visit at any time in any weather. In a community mausoleum, it is provided with a clean and dry space. All you need is to select a place or crypt.

The same can be a lawn crypt burial. This also remains clear with water as a proper drainage system is provided to keep it dry and otherwise protected from the weather.


It includes both the options of scattering cremation ashes and keeping them in an urn. The scattering option can be done in a garden specified for the same or at sea. And for the cremation urn, you choose a place in an urn garden.

Natural Burial

It is a process of decomposing the body naturally. It doesn't involve a casket, a burial vault or applying embalming fluid. The procedure includes the digging of the grave and putting an epitome as an identity.


Solace Family Funerals is the most trustworthy funeral director in Brisbane. From conducting the funeral to the burial we take all responsibilities in accordance with your or your loved one’s final wish.

As a family-run funeral home, we help you to decide the Cemeteries and Crematoriums best for you or your family member. We possess a list of cemeteries' locations and the space available in them.

Contacting us will make the funeral and burial process demystify and simple to save you time and energy in such a heart-wrenching time of saying a final goodbye to your loved ones.

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